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How to have a Successful Meeting

by GSchulz 13. October 2014 17:19
How often so we have a meeting; one on one, group, impromptu or scheduled, that you walk out of scratching your head wondering what that meeting was truly for? What did it accomplish?  

Having a meeting agenda is very important. It should involve several things;

1)   Time-frame for the meeting. Everyone should know what time they are to be there and the expected end time to be able to plan.

2)   Begin with the end in mind. Its important for us to know what the purpose and expected outcome is for the meeting? There fore we can be prepared for it ahead of time and not waste time.

3)   What are the action steps after the meeting to be accomplished and by when?     Here are some questions to ask at every meeting to help be more successful and less of a time suck!   Typically from the leader;  
1)   What are you working on (projects assignments etc.)?
2)   What do you see as your priorities and why?
3)   What so you need from me/the group to accomplish it/them?
4)   What are your timeframes for completion on it/them?  

If you are having a smaller meeting (one on one) or just want to help move the meeting along you can ask these same questions in a different context. For example;  
1)   Here is what I am working on.
2) I see this or that as my priority and why.
3)   I could use help with or I need ______from you to move to the next step.
4)   Here are the timeframes I see for completion. Does that work?  

It's not that tough. Remember, not everyone in the room wants everyone elses’ update on their ‘stuff’.

Do that in a one-on-one and make your meetings quick, effective and a teachable moment. Click here to share this post.

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