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Building a Sales Powerhouse

Hiring Kit

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How many mistakes have you made is hiring salespeople??

Well, STOP making them!!

In the Sales Hiring Kit you get:

Full Corporate Assessment

This assessment is to help assess what your organizations weaknesses and strengths are. This is important to understand so we can match our hiring with our strength and weaknesses in business development. You may have already taken this, if not it is included.

You will receive 10 sets of the following;

Personality Assessment

The DISC Personality Assessment identifies personality-bases performance risks and other factors of interpersonal behavior. These factors affect an individual's leadership style and actions. If these behavior patterns are recognized, however, they can be compensated by development and coaching.

The assessments uncovers characteristics under normal circumstances (natural) and the characteristics under pressured, our of their own comfort-zone or otherwise distracted, these risk factors may impede effectiveness and derail success in careers, relationships, education, and life (adapted).


Whether you are implementing an organizational assessment processes or enhancing your executives' development or internal department culture the report can help you identify the fundamental factors that distinguish personalities and determine careers success.

DISC Profile Sample

Sales Assessment

You have a sales organization, but you are frustrated because they are not brining enough new clients to the business. It's not fair, and you haven't figure out how to solve the problem. Partnerships are granted partly on an individual's contribution to revenue, but that incentive does not seem to motivate everyone. What should you do?

We'll help you understand which of your present sales associate are suitable for performing business development as well as those who should NOT. And we'll explain why. Then we'll recommend steps to help you improve the business development skills of those individuals who would benefit from training. And we'll suggest how you can best utilize the others in your organization who aren't well suited for developing business.

Sales Assessment Sample


Goal of the Assessments:

These will help you identify the individuals who can be your sales superstars and predict the kind of increase you can expect from those people once you've provided them with the necessary business development support. With projections in hand, you can easily set goals for growth and implement your plan. We will review your first assessment with you to make sure that you clearly understand all of the parts of the report and point out anything that we see as an issue.

Recruiting Process

You will be given a process to recruit like a pro. There certainly is a process to begin recruiting properly and consistently. If a salesperson in and assent not a liability why are we only looking to fill an "open" position when we need once as opposed to always? If you found someone better than your best person tomorrow would you find a place for them? If the answer is yes then we need a true process of recruiting that is constant.

recruiting process

List of Powerful Interview Questions

Most of us have never been taught how to properly interview, certainly not for business development. We look at a resume to see if they have experience in sales and hopefully in our industry. We hire them, months go by and no success. Why? There are several reasons and one is we are interviewing poorly. We tell them about our company, what a "family oriented" business we are, blah, blah, blah. We will give you a list of questions that will really help you to get deeper into the understanding of how this person sells and if they will be successful or not.

White Paper "5 Issues Holding Back Sales Success"

In this white paper, there were 5 main issues that seemed to carry throughout the sales community, keeping them from achieving A+ result. The data for the paper is based on research findings conducted by Nightingale Conant in conjunction with other sales and learning specialist. 2,663 sales organizations took part in the survey. This survey was originally published to help Sales Directors understand the issues that prevent optimum sales performance results.

Phone Coaching **

There will be times when you need help or advise through the process. You have the ability to run any questions, thoughts or concerns by Greta to make sure that you are hiring only superstars.

** coaching will be as needed and discussed at the beginning

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