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"I just attended the “Sales Crash Course” Success Kit this morning and heard Greta Schulz speak on “To Sell Is Not To Sell”. Greta’s speech was excellent, probably the best speaker I have ever heard about a topic that I could take back to the office and use the same day to improve our sales successes. The venue, coordination, organization of the whole event was first class. As far as I am concerned, the bar has been set at its highest possible level for the other three guest speakers – which obviously I will attend. Thank you for sponsoring a quality event, it was very valuable to my firm and clients. The South Florida Business Journal has been a value tool for our organization, and now, this morning, it just got better. Thanks again!"

Bob Curry
RSC Partners

"Greta, Thank you for a tremendous presentation. Many of these things I have done and coached about yet find myself not doing. A little bit of success has trapped me in fulfillment mode. The bit on always be prospecting really hit home and I loved the way you turn around a prospect with that line "everything we do is customized to some degree so why don't you tell me a little bit about your business and after a minute or two we'll know whether what I have maybe a good fit for you". Make it a Great Day."

Wes Hazlitt