The paperclips didn't need a sales pitch. Neither do your clients.


The Pitch

by GSchulz 13. May 2012 17:28
There is a reason that I say "Pitch is for Baseball and Not Sales". It couldn't have been clearer to me then watching that new AMC reality television show "The Pitch". I absolutely love this show.  It so clearly demonstrates the importance of
In watching the two agencies gather information from the potential client this has never been more telling. The one agency got to the 'tissue meeting', basically a pre-qualification call before the final presentation, and said, " led us into using the word " direct" (which is part of the company's brand), you know direct being straight forward, fast...." the client said that concept burns him a bit, it's something we need to be careful about and stop trying to be too many things......Ouch!

So how they have avoided such a blunder? well how about asking a question? They could have said something like, "we have a few things we are thinking about, what are your thoughts on the word Direct or the word Energy? At least if they said they didn't like it they weren't backed into a corner. Additionally, I would have not let my ego get in the way and recovered by asking, " when you say, " stop trying to be too many things, tell us what you mean? They could have learned a lot there.

On the flip side, the other agency went into there tissue meeting completely differently. They truly got the client engaged and didn't give there ideas away. The question was "if you were to bring every single person in very single franchise together and you were to tell them every single time they interact with a customer this is your purpose, could you articulate that?"
Woow great question! Why? It is thought provoking, open ended and allows the client/ prospect to engage with you so you aren't just pitching too them. It also allows you to gather more of there insight and not just what they initially tell you they want.
As you an imagine, the company jumped all over that question and were spewing out great information that the agency had that dug much deeper then the initial RFP or even initial request would have given them.

The CEO also said before the tissue session, that this was not the time to tell us there ideas, it's about listening to them.  He was right on.
What can we learn in our own selling experience? We need to come up with great questions and not give them our ideas too early. It hurts your direction as well as your credibility.
Any quess who won the multiple-million dollar account? You got it FKM Agency.

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