The paperclips didn't need a sales pitch. Neither do your clients.

Increase sales without selling a thing

To Sell IS Not To Sell Workshop


“ Greta Schulz has been an extremely valuable addition to the Vistage Florida speaking circuit since early 2009. She has presented her program called “5 Things Every CEO Should Know to Grow Business” to almost 20 Groups of CEOs and Key Executives throughout Florida, with very high marks. Some of the comments from our Members include:

  • Takeaways will be easy to implement and will have a positive impact on the businesses immediately.
  • Her vast experience lets her recall stories to fit each Members situation.
  • She was great! One of the best speakers I have had!
  • Great program with a lot of take home value

I would highly recommend Greta for any organization looking for an expert speaker on Sales, Sales Management, or Marketing.”


- Angie Neal, Speaker Coordinator, Vistage Florida

“ I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful presentation at the Chamber meeting last week. I found your energy, tied in with your useful information very stimulating for me and my company. ”

- Karen Davis, The Finishing Touch Decorating

“ With her friendly, professional approach enhanced by a bit of humor, Greta Schulz, President and CEO of Schulz Training shared her expertise by giving us practical advice on how to grow our businesses through building relationships. From her standpoint, growing your business should be your top priority and it is now a very popular topic. In addition to your PR work, you need to get out and network. However, we want to do it differently, putting relationships first in everything we do. ”

- Florida Public Relations Association, South Florida Chapter

“ I just wanted to thank you again for joining us on Friday at PRUniversity. You had rave reviews (as I knew you would!) and I really appreciate you coming in and making it great for us. It was AWESOME and I have to tell you on the event survey you are the top speaker of the day! Wow. Thank you so much! ”

- Heidi Taulman, Executive Director, Public Relations Association of Florida

“ I'm following up from yesterday's BNI conference as promised. I see that you're based in Florida, so I don't know how often you find yourself up here in the Boston area. Was going to recommend you to Barry Feingold, the CEO of my local Chamber of Commerce (Milford Area Chamber of Commerce --- to speak at one of our CWL (Connecting Women Leaders) luncheons, but it looks like it'd be a long trip for you unless you happened to be up this way. You’re great! Alas! I so enjoyed your presentation at the conference. Lively, interesting, engaging, informative. Fabulous! ”

- Jan, Miele-Fleury Graphics

“ Good morning, good afternoon, good evening….wherever this may find you! I wanted to take a moment, to give you my heartfelt thanks…for not only making and leaving for wonderful mark on me and many others last week….but for doing so…….in only the way you can! I enjoyed your book and of course am thoroughly convinced that you are great….no qualms on that statement. I say it from the heart….and thank you more so, for confirming that what I sensed and now know is true….that functioning from a place of truth, high ethics and conviction is a great place to be coming from in all matters of life! My wish for you is continued success….and if anyone has doubts you can make a difference. Ask me. Because you can, and you have. All the best to you and yours always….. ”

- Eliana Rivera BURKE, Director-Business Development Imaging Services, Biomedical Systems

"I want to thank you once again for the great session you provided to Vistage Group Monday afternoon. Everyone had at least one special nugget to take home that will make a difference to them and their business. Your scores continue to be very strong. You received a 4.6 out of 5 for "Take Home" value and a 4.5 for "Presentation Style." There is nothing better than hearing from the expert who has learned from the school of hard knocks.  You had several wonderful tips for all of us.

I recommend Greta for Vistage* or groups who need to hear from a sales professional on what works to get business today, with a much different approach and method than what most are using."

-Bill Hopf

 Vistage Chair        

* Vistage is a National CEO Organization (previously called TEC).


“Lively, interesting, engaging, informative. Fabulous!”

- Jan, Miel -Fleury Graphics

“I have to tell you that over the years, I have heard many, many speakers and with my short attention span I usually drift off quickly as they rattle on. I was laser –focused on everything Greta Schulz had to say. She packed a TON on useable information in one 55 minute speech.

The ‘grocery list’ of what impressed me most:

  • The simplicity of what she said. No fluff… just meat.
  • The passion behind what you had to say.
  • The practicality of your information.


Every Nikken consultant needs to hear what you have to say!

- Bob Purdy, Nikken, Canton Ohio

“What a phenomenal seminar. Ms Schulz is one of the most impressive - yet real- professionals I have met. Anyone who has not yet attended one of her seminars has to put it on their Priority List.”

- Joyce Beauvais
Managing Partner
Concierge Car Service of the Palm Beaches, LLC

“I just had a great conversation with one of my best clients. They are exporting to KC from St. Louis and I arranged a meeting for their agency and leader in the KC market to meet with Terry Hillman and Joyce Hayhow yesterday to get acquainted. He was very impressed with our relationship approach to selling and that we don’t only talk about eye balls and readership statistics. He met with the daily paper after meeting our team and he wanted to leave after 5 minutes. He said their approach was so 20 years ago and they were only interested in selling ads saying the CEO’s would notice their ads far forward in the paper. It was eye opening for him to see the difference in our approach and the value we truly deliver. I have a meeting with him tomorrow to put together a nice contract in KC. We definitely owe you a great deal of credit for your strength in consulting with us to develop our sales process skills and consultative approach to selling. It obviously separates us from the pack. Just make sure you stay away from our competition J.”

- Bruce Hoskins, Marketing Consultant,

“ I am writing because we have entered into a training program for our team to increase sales through “giving”. We are General Contractor’s who specialize in building Automotive Dealerships. In the past 22 years we have built over 200 dealerships and decided to train all our Executives, Project Managers, Estimators and Support Staff. The giving philosophy of the training is based on the book, how to “Stop Selling” and Make Money by Greta Schulz, who uses a consultative process and an unconventional approach to sales. She teaches the team how and where to Network and how to build relationships that she calls “Strategic Alliances” where our goal is to try to help the other person by understanding what a good referral is for their business. She also trains the team on how to teach others how to listen for clues and give a specific “Top Ten” list of good potential clients for our company. Our activity level has increased and so have our prospect appointments and sales pipeline. We also know exactly how to conduct a prospect appointment by not selling anything and uncovering the “real” reasons people make decisions. We learned that no one cares that we are great builders until they know how much we care about them. I have so many success stories because of implementing this sales training but don’t know if this is too much information. Please let me know if you need anything additional, I would be happy to provide it. Thanks. ”

- Linda Barnette, AUTOBUILDERS General Contracting Services, Inc

“ I wanted to send a note to thank you for your wonderful presentation at Lola’s for our physicians. I know the doctors enjoyed it as well as gained very helpful information on “proper” networking. I’d love to use your services in the future. ”

- Jill Seyfert, Director of Physicians, Delray Medical Center

“ Thank you again for an enlightening presentation yesterday at the SBS. I find new information to utilize in growing my business every time I hear you speak. Just wanted you to know I listened, I learned, and I am very appreciative for all your help and guidance. ”

- Donna Goldfarb, Catering Sales Representative, TooJay's Original Gourmet Deli

“ Just listened to your podcast and I found it most insightful and a bit inspirational; This pairs well with just finishing Todd Duncan’s book, Time Traps, over the weekend. Thank you for sharing. I also want to thank you for your column in the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Your tips and suggestions always seem to be right on and easily implementable. I was especially touched by your emphasis on professionalism in your podcast. In the mortgage business, there has always been an emphasis on how much you made on the last deal. My emphasis has always been on how I benefited the client. Perhaps that is why I have been able to endure through reputation and referrals. Keep up the great work! ”

- Robert Galitz, Loan Officer, Prospect Mortgage

“ I am thrilled and proud to be a new member of the Chamber of Commerce. Since January ('10), I have attended every event I have been able to fit into my schedule. I have always walked away enriched with information, relationships and wonderful strategic alliances. However, today's seminar "Member Money Maker" presented by Greta Schulz of Schulz Training and Consulting was worth the price of membership alone! What a phenomenal seminar. The title does not overstate. I will make money for my business after attending this morning's program. Ms Schulz is one of the most impressive - yet real- professionals I have met in South Florida. Anyone who has not yet attended one of her seminars has to put it on their Priority List (yes, Greta, that Priority List!). ”

- Joyce Beauvais Managing Partner Concierge Car Service of the Palm Beaches, LLC

 "Based on your help so far I can attribute over $100,000 of new sales to my desk for this year."

- Matt Ceresia, Marketing Consultant
St. Louis Business Journal

Greta Schulz’s systems and trainings have provided me with the methods and the confidence to locate and to network with new and better referral sources

- Charles D. Jamieson, Esquire/ The Law Firm of Charles D. Jamieson, P.A.

"The B2B Sales Playbook and Greta Schulz are the real deal! I have been through a lot of sales training courses in the past and nothing ever seemed to click.

This training takes you through a process that keeps you in control of the sale and takes the guess work out of what step you should take next.  The section on Networking alone is worth the cost of the entire course.  The course is professional and the skills have taken me to a whole new level in my industry."

Eric Kurit, Kurit and Abrams Insurance

Greta’s training gave me a competitive edge that translated into confidence and increased sales per every encounter, and a higher closing ratio.

- Jackie Colucci, AFLAC Florida South Central Special Projects Coordinator

Your class changed all my selling habits and taught me how to build better relations with my clients and prospects.  I recommend Schulz Business Training to all of my friends.

-Carlos Perez, Gulfstream Goodwill Industries

Thank you for the chamber workshop yesterday morning. The information was relevant and useful for myself. Last night I finished reading Alberto's copy of your book titled: To Sell is Not to Sell. I was blown away by your storytelling ability, and metaphors, thank you. As an alumni of Northwood University, I recommended you to Provost Rose Bellanca in hopes that you may have the opportunity to speak at a Northwood Event. In my opinion your message is very relevant to the needs of Northwood Students since the school specializes in business.

- Best Regards. Jarrett Bayne, Key Corp Executive

Greta, Thank you so much for traveling to the panhandle to help us build Vistage and add value to our members. Your presentation was dead on and our CEO members really related to your sales strategy. You are a great addition to the Vistage community.

- Best Always Chip Webster, CEO, Visage Florida The CEO think-tank organization (corp)

Dear Greta, May I first start by stating that the Chamber event I was fortunate to meet you and listen to your invaluable workshop has proven to be wonderful! Since that meeting I have had called other attendees to have "strategic alliance meetings" and ALL of them have been great:) EVERY person I called to set up a meeting so far , which has been six people, all agreed how your information and suggestions were very helpful, useful, and refreshing.

- Kind regards, Maureen Condon, Ph.D., LCSW Resource Specialist

I highly recommend Greta as an excellent professional speaker. She gave great insight into the world of sales, marketing and social media at a recent event in Birmingham. I greatly appreciated her thorough knowledge of what works and does not work for companies, and as a marketing professional, I was thoroughly impressed with her advice. She was friendly, focused, relaxed and highly knowledgeable while speaking and served as an inspiration to all that attended. Thanks for your presentation, Greta!" 
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2012 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative.

- Kelley Duncan, Marketing Coordinator at Sain Associates, Inc. Birmingham, Alabama Area

We knew Greta Schulz would be an entertaining, informative and motivating presenter but she exceeded our expectations when she spoke on September 21, 2011 to our NAPO-South Florida Chapter on best networking opportunities and how to close the sale once you have made contact with a prospect. Greta’s step-by-step approach, no-nonsense strategies and refreshing delivery were easily relatable and when put into practice will have a huge impact on the success of our member’s businesses. As professional organizers, we strive to have top-notch speakers at all of our meetings and Greta has certainly raised the bar! We highly recommend her as a featured presenter for any professional association and welcome the opportunity to provide more information upon request. Sit back and enjoy the ride –you won’t be disappointed!”.

- Michelle D. Katzman, BS, MBA, CPO® President, NAPO- South Florida Chapter Website: Tel: 772-288-6245 Email:

I just wanted to email you and thank you for today’s presentation. I am always trying to improve my sales skill to better off my career for both myself and the company I work for. Once again, I felt obligated to email you and thank you for your time as I walked away with a ton of useful information of which some I am going to implement immediately with my sales team.   Thank you and have a great day!

- Kindest Regards,   Nicholas G. Kalogeropoulos Director of Client Relations

Greta, just wanted to thank you again for the terrific  presentation yesterday at C Suite Breakfast Series.  I was impressed as always with your skillful delivery of the step by step process for CEOs.  I was especially impressed with your amazing handling of an individual who clearly likes to hijack the floor from speakers.  You put him back in a spectator seat with a single sentence but made him feel special by referring to him throughout the morning.  He left as a Greta fan!   However, I am your biggest fan.  I truly appreciate your support and I am eager to return it in any way I can.  Gratefully, Les

- Les Deck Chairman, Vistage Florida

Hi Greta,   I have taken numerous Selling courses in  my very diverse career over the years, and found yours to be one one of the most direct and to the point.  To say that you "Cut to the chase" throughout your presentation would be an over   simplification.   I pulled several valuable points from your class, and at AXA we/they believe in continual training both product driven and skills driven.  Your presentation mirrored theirs with the touch of directness I needed to see the entire picture.   Thanks again for the shared insights.   Beat regards,   Jack

- Beat regards,   Jack   John (Jack) Bellante Financial Professional AXA Advisors, LLC 2255 Glades Road One Boca Place, Suite 412-E Boca Raton, FL 33431

"Our sales Executives gives Greta's training a A+"

- Ray shaw, CEO and president of American City Business Journals Past president of Dow Jones & Co. and The Wall Street Journal.

"Lively, interesting, engaging, informative, Fabulous!"

- Jan, Miel -Fleury Graphics

"I have to tell you that over the years, I have heard many, many speakers and with my short attention span i usually drift off quickly as they rattle one. I was laser foucsed on everything Greta Schulz had to say. She packed a TON on useable information in one 55 minute speech. The 'grocery list' of what impressed me most:

  • The simplicity of what she said. No fluff...just meat.
  • The passion behind what you had to say.
  • The practicality of your information.
Every Nikkon consultant needs to hear what you have to say. Can you please send me information about your online corporate programs."

- Bob purdy, Nikkon, Canton Ohio

"What a phenomenal seminar. Ms schulz is one of the most impressive-yet real-professionals I have met. Anyone who has not yet attended one of her seminars has to put it on their Priority List."

- Joyce Beauvais Managing Partner Concierge Car Service of the Palm Beaches, LLC