The paperclips didn't need a sales pitch. Neither do your clients.

Increase sales without selling a thing

Sales Leadership Alliance Program
Your key to unlocking sales leadership
   Sales Leaders Alliance Program The Sales Leadership Alliance is a group of peers laser that are focused on developing your leadership skills to drive real results. It is also to understand why and make changes if the results aren’t there.

Connect with up to 10 sales leaders from a diverse range of non-competing businesses and backgrounds in this unique leaders advisory sales leadership development program. Learn and uncover answers to your issues with a peer group of sales leaders all driven to be the best in their field.

Realize fresh perspectives and new ideas to keep your sales organization on the cutting edge of new ideas and out of the box thinking. Be challenged by other respected leaders to turn your thinking on its head and create new perspectives in growth and leadership. Learn and share with top-notch leaders to create the sounding board that only other sales leaders can understand. 
You’re not on an island.
 So often we feel that even though others in our organization may be in a leadership role, sales leadership is different from an operations, IT or service leader. The SLA is a group of like-minded yet diverse leaders understanding many of the issues you deal with every day.      
Connect with up to 10 sales leaders from a diverse range of non-competing businesses to share challenges, fears, thoughts and issues facing sales leaders today. In this one of a kind peer advisory and leadership development program. Harness the power of a group of leaders all driven to be the best for themselves and their teams.

What is included:
* Monthly sales leadership peer group meetings to address your issues and challenges
* Professional facilitated by a seasoned sales executive
* Monthly one-on-one executive coaching sessions with your facilitator
* Training and workshops based on needs and challenges of the group
* Access to on line library of information

Learn from Fellow Sales Leaders
* Group members are carefully selected based on the group dynamic, culture and needs of the group
* Members will challenge you in a way no one else will and have the background to be able to share the    why's
* Group members will help you and challenge you on your ideas, thoughts and goals  until you've got it right
* Each member becomes acountable to the other members with anything they decide to try to achieve. At each meeting, the commitments a member makes from the previous meeting will be held to test by proving to the group you carried it out.